Icelandic: Tokkalegur, tokkafullur

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Rejzko, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Rejzko Senior Member

    Two people who had previously met are talking on the phone:
    A: Tokkalegur?
    B: Tokkafullur. Hvað segirðu, hvenær fórstu?

    Is it a pun? Does it mean something like:
    A: Are you good? (How are you?)
    B: I am well drunk. When did you leave?
  2. Alxmrphi Senior Member

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    Do you mean þokkalegur / þokkafullur?

    Þokkalegur (þokkalegt) is something you can say to ask if everything is going well / good etc.
    The word for sexy in Icelandic is kynþokkafullur and by switching what the other person (innocently) said it's indirectly referencing the word for sexy, but without actually saying it. That's how I would interpret it but I'm not a native so I could be wildly off here. Best to wait for a confirmation.
  3. NoMoreMrIceGuy Senior Member

    Pretty spot on I would say. It's pretty much Icelandic Bro-speak. Þokkafullur normally means graceful. Not knowing any more about the context, I can't really say if it's a pun on drunkenness, but that works.
  4. Rejzko Senior Member

    Yes, I mean þokkalegur / þokkafullur. I think you are right about "sexy". The dialogue is in a film and in English subtitles there is "sexy". Thank you very much.

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