Ich bin in der Schule / Ich gehe in die Schule

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    Can someone, please, explain why is DER used in "in der Schule"? It is a feminine word. Der is used in dative and genitive instead of die, but I dont understand what that has to do about "in der Schule".

    Thanks for the help.
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    Hello Elysium :)

    This is due to the Wechselpräposition in.

    Er geht in die Schule. Here, we speak about the motion toward the school; therefore: accusative.

    Er ist in der Schule. Here, we speak about the position; therefore: dative.

    We have several threads that deal with this specific grammar topic; here are two of these threads that are particularly close to your question:

    Thread 1 (in particular post 7ff)
    Thread 2 (it's actually about in der Schule / in die Schule :))

    In order to avoid duplication, I'm closing this thread. If the threads linked here do not fully answer your question, please add your question to one of these threads. :)

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    PS: I reopened the thread in order to accomodate Hutschi's post which contains interesting thoughts about the meaning of "in die Schule" and "in der Schule".

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    < Introduction and link to a thread removed; we are now part of this thread ;) >

    What is the difference between "Ich gehe in die Schule" and "Ich bin in der Schule".

    Despite the difference of direction, there is more:

    "Ich gehe in die Schule" has a literally meaning "I go into the school" and it is an idiom "I go to school".
    So it means as idiom "I go to school" (I have reached the proper age and go to school", "I recovered from illness and go to school."
    In this case "Schule" is not a building but an abstract institution.

    "Gehst du schon zur Schule/in die Schule?" is used. But "Gehst du schon in der Schule?" is not used, this is blocked except in very special context. "Bist Du schon in der Schule?" could be used in the same way, but only as fixed expression with "schon".
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