Ich denke über viele km hinweg an dich

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by BabiBrasil, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. BabiBrasil New Member

    Portuguese - Brasil
    I have a question about "hinweg" as well. Ich habe auch eine Frage über "hinweg".
    This is a piece of a email. It's not the whole sentence because I want to keep the focus on the spot. I think the context is quite obvious. Dies ist ein teil eines emails. Ich schreibe den ganzen Satz nicht, weil ich den Schwerpunkt auf die Pointe (?) legen will. Der Kontext ist denkbar klar.
    "Ich .... denke oft über 10000 hinweg an Dich."
    I get it, he thinks often about me. That's not the point. I simply don't understand the use of hinweg in this sentence. Ich verstehe es, er denkt oft an mich. Darauf kommt es nicht an. Ich verstehe nich den Gebrauch des Worts "hinweg".
    Does it mean "on his way", like, "many times along the way"? Maybe "on many occasions" . Or even "on different ways". Or... i don't know what. At the end, it's all the same to me as a woman
    :), but not as a student.
    I study German on my on, so fell free to correct my miserable German
    (and my english as well...), otherwise I will never know I wrote something wrong.
    Thank you all! Danke für eure Kommentare! Muito obrigada!
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  2. Demiurg

    Demiurg Senior Member

    Ich vermute, da fehlt eine Längeneinheit (km, Meilen):

    Ich .... denke oft über (die Entfernung von) 10000 km hinweg an Dich.
  3. BabiBrasil New Member

    Portuguese - Brasil
    Das passt! It makes sense now.
    Thank you very much Demiurg! Danke schön! Muito obrigada!
  4. Robocop Senior Member

    Central Switzerland
    (Swiss) German
    Please note that this is purely colloquial language. You could not say that in standard German (==> über eine grosse Distanz an jemand denken:cross:)
  5. BabiBrasil New Member

    Portuguese - Brasil
    No? Why? How can I say that in standart German? Warum nicht? Wie kann man dies anders ausdrücken?

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