Ich habe grad einen Lauf

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  • Kajjo

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    Hm, difficult to say without context.

    It could mean something like "I've got a lucky streak." However, it could also be about a real, physical run. Further, in some scientific fields it could mean that someone is just running an experiment or such.


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    "Lauf" can also be short for "Gewehrlauf"=gunbarrel. Than it would be "I have just so one gunbarrel". (For example in a western).

    If it was a movie, can you remember the scene?
    Which movie was it?

    Most probably it is Kajjo's "I've got a lucky streak."
    But he is right, without further context it is not possible to translate it properly.

    Was it a western?
    Was it about sport?
    Was it about games?

    "Grade/grad/gerade" can be: "at the moment" or "(I have to start) shortly/soon" - depending on context.


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    If the context is sports or a similar competitive activity "einen Lauf haben" can be translated by "to have the momentum on your side".

    "Ein Lauf haben" can be based on luck but also due to own ability or the opponents disability.
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