ich reise nach/ ich reise durch

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  1. 2 blocks from trocadero Member

    Hi all,

    Is there any difference in the meaning of the two constructions? Or can I use both to simply say- ''I travel to...'?

    How would you translate ich reise durch?

  2. Aus Babylon Member

    German - Bavaria
    Yes, there is a difference:
    "Ich reise nach Österreich" (or, on a more common level: "Ich fahre nach Österreich") = "I travel (go) to Austria" (or, of course, "I am travelling (going) to Austria").
    "Ich reise (fahre) durch Österreich" = "I cross/am crossing Austria" (in both of its meanings).
  3. Arukami Senior Member

    Travel to / Travel through.

    "Durch Österreich reisen" can mean that
    a) you're just passing through it but your target is another country, Italy for example.
    b) you're traveling to multiple locations in the country itself.
  4. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    To make the sentence with "durch" clear in meaning a, "durch" is often doubled.

    Ich reise durch Österreich durch.

    The second "durch" is from the separable verb "durchreisen".

    "nach b" - indicates that b is the destination
    "durch b" - indicates either multiple locations in b is just a location for transfer to the destination - as Arukami already explained.


    Note that "nach" can mean "behind" in other context.
    Kurz nach Dresden erreichte ich Pirna.
    Short after/behind Dresden I reached Pirna.
  5. nievedemango

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    alemán / German
    I agree. :)

    Ich reise nach Österreich means just "I travel to Ö."

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