ich würde Sie gerne zu einem Brunch im Extrablatt einladen


And this one as well to be translated to english

ich würde Sie gerne zu einem Brunch im Extrablatt einladen. Dort können wir uns mal so richtig....ähem.
Und außerdem solls da auch Honigkuchenpferde als Desert geben.

  • Ralf

    Senior Member
    My attempt:

    I'd like/ I'd love to invite you to the Extrablatt*) for (a) brunch. There we can really have (some) ... errmm. (This is a bit tricky to translate since it depends on what follows here. My suggestion may work in certain contexts, but won't fit into any idiomatic phrase that can be added.)

    Besides, I've heard that they serve honey cakes (literally: ginger bread horses) for dessert. (It is a bit unusual to have gingerbread as dessert in a restaurant. Therefore I put it as honey cake.)

    *)Extrablatt = special edition (of a newspaper) - here: the name of a fancy restaurant or some sort of hangout

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