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Hello everybody,
I'm translating a book where photographers are interviewed and there is an expressión I have problems with. Taking about a fashion story, a photographer says:

""She [the model] looks slightly different in that one. Putting in that bit of black just strengthens up her jawline. It's a differente angle too. A los of photos were shot from below or underneath, which in a way lends a more iconic feel."

Could anybody describe the meaning of "iconic feel" to me? I've searched the internet, but I'm not sure about the nuances in this given context?

Thanks very much in advance.
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    Thanks very much, cropje jnr. Do you think it implies the idea that she looks more detatched and less humane?
    Not necessarily. If you think icon is here used in the sense of a religious object of devotion, you may think so. However, it may also mean that she looks more like a huge star like Marylin Monroe - an icon. The OED defines this icon as follows: A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol, especially of a culture or movement; a person, institution, etc., considered worthy of admiration or respect.
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