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I need (urgently!) the correct translation for this term as used in the imprint page details of a book. I'm guessing it's probably 'picture research' but because I need to be certain. Can anyone help?


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    "iconographie" means "a list of the pictures found in a book" (if that is your context). It is also used, in a book, to say who has been responsible for researching the pictures used in the book. One often sees : "Picture research by ... ".

    Found :
    « Iconographie par Odette Touchefeu »
    « Accès à l'iconographie par index »
    « Nous vous proposons une iconographie de qualité »
    « Colin Bailey and Edgar Munhall both provided invaluable assistance with picture research »
    « Picture research : Lise Fournier »
    « Picture research and captions by Pascal Gueyle »
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