I'd be like my teacher


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There seems to be something unclear about a sentence written by a student.

'If I were my teacher of English, I'd be like my teacher.'

Does the sentence sound natural and correct? The student wanted to say that she would teach and behave in a way similar to mine. She likes my teaching style and would teach in a similar way. Is the student's sentence correct? Thank you for your replies in advance.
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    I agree with Barque: the sentence could be clarified in several ways. That said, I understood it even before you explained it, sunnyweather.

    Personally, if I were you, I'd just accept it and smile. What a lovely compliment!


    I did understand it even before you explained it,
    I'm afraid I didn't till I read the explanation. I was thinking "If she were her own English teacher, she would be like her English teacher, wouldn't she, because they're the same person".:)