I'd go for you and Chinese takeout over her any day.

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A husband comes home, the wife cooking. She:
— I think I ruined the sauce. Again.
— What's the matter, bud? You havin' trouble working an eight-hour shift at the hospital, watchin' the kid, whippin' up a little Bolognese?
— You didn't marry Donna Reed. [the scene is set in 1969]

— Hey! I'd go for you and Chinese takeout over her any day. [starts singing to the song playing on the recorder] "Because I love you too much, baby."
Frequency, film

Does it mean "If I were offered to marry her, I would still choose you over her — even if I was going have to always eat out — because I love you."?

Thank you.
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    It just means that he loves his wife so much that he would prefer her to Donna Reed (whoever she is), even if it meant eating "Chinese takeout". ("Chinese takeout" does not imply eating out; it implies Chinese food "to go". "Any day" does not mean "always" here; it indicates that he thinks that there is 'no contest' between his wife and Donna Reed.)
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    The implication is that, since she has ruined the sauce, they will be ordering Chinese food that evening.

    I suspect that Donna Reed was famous for being multi-talented as well as beautiful. He says that he still prefers to be married to his wife even if she occasionally spoils the cooking.

    Edit: I've just seen Myridon's answer.
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