'I'd sooner buy' defying gravity.


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I've been curious for a while as to the meaning of a phrase from a song I like.

Could someone please tell me what "I'd sooner buy" means or refers to in this context?

"I'd sooner buy defying gravity (...) I think I'll try defying gravity, and you won't bring me down."

I guess I can deduce what it means from the context, but I wanted to know what it meant specifically and if it's an expression that's used a lot by English speakers.

Thanks :)
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    The response above is great, but I thought I'd expound on the prevalence of the term's use. I wouldn't consider it a commonly used phrase, but when I hear it, it is generally in short declarations like "I don't buy it" or "She didn't buy it". One would use it most commonly when someone says something and you believe that that person isn't telling the truth.

    Student - "I swear, I saw President Obama in the hallway and I got an autograph. That's why I was late to class!"
    Teacher - "I don't buy it. You must serve a detention after school."

    I use the phrase in informal settings when I am trying to express that I didn't believe what someone told me. I can't think of many other situations in which I would use the phrase, but I am sure that there are times when it could be appropriate.

    Hopefully this proved helpful!
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