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    I work in an archive dealing predominantly with manuscripts. I am having trouble identifying this particular piece. It is in a Cyrillic script and most likely Old Church Slavonic. Donor has put the date at c. 1510 C.E. Any help identifying or translating part or all of the text would be appreciated.

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    It's Russian (or Russified) Church Slavonic (or Church Slavonicized Russian?).

    Here's the text; I've expanded the contractions, omitted the diacritics and used ‹я› where the original has an iotated а:

    ѡ возвѣщенїи г[оспо]да нашего ї[сѹс]а хр[їс]та пречистѣи м[а]т[е]ри своеи прес[вѧ]тѣи б[огороди]цѣ якѡ идетъ на страсть волньнѹю и ѡ ѹмоленїи еѧ с[ы]на своего г[оспо]да нашего ї[сѹс]а хр[їс]та да бы не шелъ во еросалимъ и ѡ порѹченїи еѧ женамъ мѵроносицамъ

    ведаѧ же ї[сѹ]съ хр[їс]тосъ с[ы]нъ б[о]жїи б[о]жествомъ своимъ якѡ ѹже страсти его прес[вѧ]тыѧ часъ приходитъ и того ради не ѿхождаше ѿ преч[ис]тыя м[а]т[е]ре своеѧ прес[вѧ]тыѧ г[ос]п[о]жи нашеѧ вл[ады]ч[и]цы б[огороди]цы и пр[ис]но д[е]вы м[а]рїи и ѹтѣшаѧ ю спасител[ь]ными своими словесы пр[е]ч[ис]таѧ же м[ат]и г[оспо]днѧ позна въ словесѣхъ с[ы]на своего и г[оспо]да якѡ ѹже прїиде часъ страстеи его с[вѧ]тыхъ понеже бо всегда ч[и]тѧше писанїе пророческое и вѣдѧше якѡ подобаетъ пострадати хр[їс]тѹ и дати себе на см[е]рть крестнѹю за изба[...]

    I've searched for the text and found (after replacing obsolete letters with modern ones), this page (your text starts at Ведая же Исус Христос сын) and is cited in the book S lyud'mi drevlego blagochestiya (С людьми древлего благочестия) by Nikolay Semenovich Leskov.
    Hopefully a Russian speaker can explain what that book is about, and someone more familiar with Church Slavonic can help translate your text.
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    На ингилизите нищо безплатно не им давайте (освен клес по джуките).
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    Thanks for the quick response, that was extremely helpful.

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