Idiom meaning "to use a lot of gas"

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Hello everyone:
I am looking for an idiomatic expression or slang word( a noun or a verb) that is used in reference to an automobile that uses a lot of gas.
Could you please complete the following sentence?
My uncle’s car ……….

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    We understand it. Cambridge lists gas-guzzler as both UK and US. But we (in our quaint little way :p) still go to the petrol or filling station (not gas station) to put petrol (not gas) in our cars. (But not if it's a diesel, of course!)


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    "Gas guzzler" is a USA Congressional recognized term. I had to look up the name of the act (Energy Tax Act), and the year implemented (1978).

    For that reason alone I would go with "gas guzzler".

    The act included a "gas guzzler tax" to be paid by the consumer for purchasing inefficient cars. The tax ranges from $1,000.00 to $7,700.00 depending upon the fuel economy of the offending vehicle.

    Energy Tax Act - Wikipedia

    The Energy Tax Act (Pub.L. 95–618, 92 Stat. 3174, enacted November 9, 1978) is a law passed by the U.S. Congress as part of the National Energy Act. The objective of this law was shift from oil and gas supply toward energy conservation; thus, to promote fuel efficiency and renewable energy through taxes and tax credits.[1]

    By that law, if it had been in effect in 1958 when my dad bought his Buick Estate Wagon, he would have had to pay $7,700.00 in taxes, or roughly twice the original purchase price.
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