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    I think I've heard something like "he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth" and rolling in it (it means having large amounts of something, usually money). For example: Mary's new husband is rolling in it. (he's very rich)

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    There are a great many similar idioms. To be in the lap of luxury is to enjoy great comfort, usually as a result of having wealth, though perhaps as a result of another person's hospitality.

    La Andaluza's suggestions refer to being wealthy. Some others, that more directly refer to comfort:

    Happy as a pig in shit. (Enjoying oneself in a way analogous to a pig's notion—or a person's notion of a pig's notion—of absolute comfort.

    Living high on the hog.
    live high off/on the hog American & Australian

    to have a lot of money and live in comfort, especially eating and drinking a lot
    He was a millionaire who lived high on the hog at all times.

    (from Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms)
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