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    This is a common idiom in English, e.g.:-
    "if & when the doctor comes, I hope she'll do something to relieve my pain"

    The idiom is using using two variables, the second being dependent on the first.
    The time I decide to do something depends on whether or not I'm actually going to do it at all. In the above example the idiom means 'the time that the doctor comes depends on whether she comes at all.

    "If and when I go to the shops, I'll get your magazine."
    (There's no certainty I will go, but if I do, that's when I'll get the magazine)."
  2. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    We don't say that.
    Since both if and when are suffixes in Turkish, we can't separately pronounce them. We just say if and the 'when' is understood.
    But if you're confortable with repeating the verb twice, you can try the following:
    Eğer doktor gelirse, umarım geldiğinde ağrımı azaltacak bir şeyler yapar.
    Eğer alışverişe gidersem, dergini gittiğimde alırım.

    Just on a personal note: I would try and put a word in between so as to avoid saying the two verbs one after the other, i.e.; …gelirse, geldiğinde ; …gidersem, gittiğimde…
  3. Reverence Senior Member

    Well, I know I uttered the following sentence just yesterday:

    Gidecek olursam, gittiğimde ona da bir bakarım. (If I go, I'll look into it when I go there, too.)

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