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If the simple past of the verb to be is "I was" I don't understand why, in so many exercises, we see:

e.g If I were you, I would do more exercise."

Is it correct or it should be:

e.g. If I was you, I would do more exercise."

Thanks, in advance, for your answers.

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    Hi Pami,

    The first sentence is using the "subjunctive" (yes, it still exists in English) as part of the "if" clause. It is deemed more "correct" by many English speakers, but you will hear both options.

    There are several threads in the English Only forum which further discuss the subjunctive. You are welcome to use our Search feature (found near the top right of the Forum page) to look for them.

    Welcome to the Forums, by the way!

    HERE is a thread on the Subjunctive Mood which might be of help.