If disturbance is generated within the system it is called internal.

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mahdi bajellan

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I read this sentence in an electrical passage.

is this a corect conditional statement(1st type)?
((if disturbance is generated within the system it is called internal ))
if not ,what should we say instead?
  • Thomas1

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    polszczyzna warszawska
    I have come across zero type conditional sentence as a label for these types of conditional sentences.

    Generally zero type conditional sentences express something that always happens/is always true given the condition in the if clause. For instance:
    If you heat ice, it melts.



    Senior Member
    Are the 'types' you're referring to something like this?:

    Type 1 = present + future e.g. If I work hard, I will succeed.
    Type 2 = simple past + conditional e.g. If I worked hard, I would succeed.
    Type 3 = pluperfect + past conditional e.g. If I had worked hard, I would have succeeded.

    These are the only 'types' of conditional clauses that I can think of. Having said that, I've never heard of a Type 0, but it would make sense to call it that. The sentence is correct though - just add a comma in like languageGuy suggests.

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