If I am elected, I will declare April 14 a national holiday...

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    I am making a birthday card for someone in Italy. On the card, I plan to print a picture of Silvio Berlusconi. I want to include the following text in Italian, but I want to make sure I translate it just right. Can anyone help? Here is the text:

    Silvio Berlusconi's Promise:

    "If I am elected, I will declare April 14 a national holiday for the celebration of Antonio Gucci's 85th Birthday."

    Happy 85th Birthday, Antonio!

    For "Happy 85th Birthday," would you say "Buon 85 Compleanno" or "Buon Compleanno di 85 anni"? Does the latter sound stilted or unnatural?

    P.S. "Antonio Gucci" is not his real name; I just used that name for my example.

    P.P.S. Is Berlusconi running for Prime Minister again, or is he running for President this time? Thanks everyone.
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    ...ehm... Where is your translation? :p

    La promessa di S. B.:

    Se sarò eletto, dichiarerò il 14 aprile festa nazionale per la celebrazione dell'85esimo compleanno di A.G.

    Buon 85esimo compleanno, Antonio!

    He's running for Prime Minister again.


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