If I could let go


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Spanish, Argentina
The phrase is as follows: ...You could be my hero if only I could let go, but his love is still in me like a broken arrow...
My question is: "let go" in this phrase means "to get rid of my past love and start a new life/to leave the relationship in the past and look to the future"?
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    I believe you are correct in this context.

    "Let go" and "Let it go" have many nuances in English such as "I'm spending too much time on this forum, but I can't let go." :D


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    Bree has strong feelings for her contractor and she can't control her sexual urges. But the man is about 15 years too young for her which makes Bree thinks that her love is a sin. Something terrible happened to Bree. Then the man gave her a hug to appease her. She said "I have to fire you. After you let me go, everyone should just let go."(from Desperate Housewives E02 S07)

    Does the "let go" here also have the meaning "to forget the past and move on"?

    Thank you.
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