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We friends went to zoo in cars. I came with my friend and now my other friend was insisting me to go with him,
I said, I came with him , If I go with you he will mind.
I have a problem with the form of verb. Is goappropriate or should it be went?>
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    "If I go..., he will..." —It is possible that I may go with you.
    "If I went..., he would..." —I'm not going with you.
    ("...went to the zoo...")


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    If indicates a hypothesis, not anything certain. It is irrelevant to the meaning whether there is really a chance or not.

    If I go is either about the present or about the future, but it indicates a logical connection, not possibility or probability. By "insisting me to go", I think you mean "insisting (that) I go", which would be about future going (something your second friend wanted, not necessarily a real future). I think "If I go" fits your context.

    If I went is either about the past or about a hypothetical time, not a real time, that may even be contradicted by reality.
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