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I haven't found an Arabic equivalent for this English phrase, so I have translated literally so far, let me know your thoughts, or if there is a saying I can use instead:

لو كان لدي قرشا في كل مرة أنا تمشيت في الشوارع التاريخية

Thanks and all the best
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    It's a good translation, but the أنا is redundant and would usually not be used. The first person pronoun is usually not used when it is a subject because the verb is clear enough in Arabic.
    However, in some dialects they might say something like: لو أعطوني قرش في كل مرة ..., so I would use that instead.


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    I would say لو حصلتُ على.

    Also, it should be كل مرة تمشيت فيها.

    لو حصلتُ على قرشٍ مقابل كل مرة تمشّيت/تنزّهت فيها في الشوارع التاريخية
    لو حصلتُ على قرشٍ مقابل كل نزهة لي في الشوارع التاريخية

    Please note, though, that these are just literal translations. Arabic speakers who are not familiar with the English expression will not understand the intended meaning.
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