If i'm not no nothing I don't feel like


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Hola, me gustaría saber la traducción de esta frase:

" If i'm not no nothing I don't feel like "

Es de la canción " Alwayz into somethin' " del grupo N.W.A.
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    They took 'artistic liberties', as the grammar of course is terrible.

    In english 'no nothing' is called a double negative and is typically considered a lower level of education. However it's used sometimes (I suspect in this case) to sound like it comes 'from the streets' and implies a certain toughness.

    The double negative is usually avoided because, technically, they would cancel each other out. If I don't have no money, then that could mean I do have money.

    But used in this lyric, again it's because it creates a certain street sound, and you can just drop one (or in this case two) of the negatives. So, it means, I'm not anything I don't feel like.