If it's a calm place, I will rent it even if it's not well-served

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France, Français
I have to translate a text from French to Japanese using the "えば" form of the verb, but I have a lot of difficulties.

Please can you help me ? I put in italic the sentences and words I can't translate.

- Did you find an appartment ?
- Not yet. I would like to find one rapidly, but I'm very worried because I'm busy everyday and I don't even have time to search.
- When I met M. Nataka the other day, he told me he knows an appartment which will be free from next month. But I think it is not well-served (by public transport) and, what's more, it's a very small appartment
- If it's a calm place, I will rent it even if it's not well-served, because I'm in a hurry.

The last sentence with "if" and "even if" (that are the ones I'm supposed to translate using the えば form, I think) are the most difficult for me ...

Thanks for your help !
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    France, Français
    Here is what I wrote, but I think there are a lot of mistakes ... Can someone help me, please ?

    - アパート  を 見つけました か。
    - いいえ、 まだ。 すぐに 見つけたい です。 しかし、毎日 いそがしい から、探す 時間 が りません。 それでは 心配 します。
    - その間 たなかさん を 会った 時、 来月 から 空いている   アパート と を 知って いる と いいました。 しかし、たどたどしく つうしいます、 その うえ とても ちいさい アパート と おもいます。
    - しずかな所なら、いそいでいますから、 たどたどしく つうしても、 あれ を 貸す。
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