'If Johnny Depp <is going to / were going to> [First / Second conditional]

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Hello there :),,

First conditional / Second conditional

'If Johnny Depp is going to releases an album, I'll definitely buy it.'
'If Johnny Depp were going to releases an album, I'd definitely buy it.'

As I've known, First conditional conveys a real idea whereas second conveys a unreal idea.

According to the rule, second should be the appropriate one to be used here.

We all know that Johnny Depp will never releases any music album, as he is a movie star.

Could anyone tell me the difference between them?

  • boozer

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    That we can never know for sure. Johnny just might get inspired. :D

    If JD was/were to release (or released) an album, I would definitely buy it.
    If JD releases an album, I will definitely buy it.
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