if Russia is sealed to despotism


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Would you please tell me if I am correct that the boldface bit means: If Russia is doomed to be despotic?

To hold the geography from Kaliningrad to Vladivastok necessitates specific responsibilities as notorious as they are. Despotism is therefore arguably part of Russia's geography. But then again, if Russia is sealed to despotism, let it have democracy, for it gives every person the right to be his own oppressor.

(video on YouTube by a non-native speaker)
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    The whole text is a bit difficult to interpret, as it’s very obviously written by someone with a less than perfect command of English. So “sealed to” despotism is not a normal expression. But it seems to imply (in a tongue-in-cheek way) that if Russia is really committed to that style of governance, it might as well just go for democracy, where every citizen can be their own oppressor!