...if the class was taught by my sadistic baby sitter!

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I just came across this:

"The only thing that could possibly make this worse would be if the class was taught by my sadistic baby sitter!"

Shouldn't it have been "were", especially since the author is American?



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    Bill Watterson may be American, but Calvin is a six-year-old boy – hence, "was."

    His father knows the usage, though, so there's hope that someday the precocious Calvin will include it in his vocabulary:

    Calvin: Dad, are you vicariously living through me in the hope that my accomplishments will validate your mediocre life and in some way compensate for all of the opportunities you botched?

    Dad: If I were, you can bet I'd be re-evaluating my strategy.

    Calvin (later, to his mother): Mom, Dad keeps insulting me.

    Source: Calvin and Hobbes, Wikipedia.
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