If the father had ignored or forgotten the Beauty's request


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How would youtranslate this?

"If the father had ignored or forgotten the Beauty's request, he could have returned home without any trouble."

I thought this might do, but just wanted confirmation. But I'm quite sure there will be mistakes:

"si le père a ignoré ou oublié la prie de la Belle, il pourrait revenu chez lui sans problème"

You guys here are just fantastic!!!

Merci bien en avance!!
  • zaby

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    There is a problem with the verb tenses :

    What you wrote : si le père a ignoré translates if the father ignored
    To translate If the father had ignored, you should use plus-que-parfait : si le père avait ignoré

    For he could have returned,I'd say il aurait pu revenir.

    "si le père avait ignoré ou oublié la prière de la Belle, il aurait pu revenir chez lui sans problème"