if the media <picks it up>

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emre aydın

Senior Member
A singer says to her manager that she will play at a cafe. Then she says:

I would like to do it as an unannounced performance and if the media picks it up, great.


What does she mean by "if the media picks it up"?

Thanks for your help.
  • Edinburgher

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    German/English bilingual
    It goes beyond them hearing of it. The implication is that they report it, thereby generating more publicity for the singer.


    Senior Member
    English - U.S.
    Strictly speaking, it should be "if the media pick it up ..." because media is a plural noun. It encompasses television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Web, and more. Its singular form is medium. However, many people aren't aware of this, and you'll often hear media treated as singular in informal speech.
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