If there are two prominent scientists who are father and son... how should I refer to them?

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    Dear colleagues,

    If in my text, it is outlined that some specific problem was worked on by father and son, e.g. Samuel Hahnemann and his son Friedrich, so when translating the text, what is the correct way to refer to the father - Hahnemann father? and to the son - Hahnemann son?

    In the French text Samuel Hahnemann is often called "Hahnemann père"...
    I have a feeling that in English they would rather say Hahnemann Senior and Hahnemann Junior...

    Or should my translation be so to say "a word-for-word" one???

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. wildan1

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    In a literary or other high-register text, you will sometimes read Hahnemann père, fils (in French)

    otherwise the senior or the junior Hahnemann is what I would write
  3. annalek26 Senior Member

    That was quick, I have only just posted my question!
    Thanks a lot for answering my questions, Wildan1!!!
  4. Quaeitur

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    For painters or musicians, one sees the elder/the younger. I don't know if it applies outside of the arts though...
  5. annalek26 Senior Member

    Thanks, Quaeitur!

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