If there is mistake in my Chinese, please get it corrected.

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How can one say this in Mandarin Chinese? :

"If there is mistake in my Chinese sentence, please get it corrected."

My rough try is :


Does it sound right in Mandarin Chinese? Any other suggestions?

请帮助我。 谢谢。
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    Chinese Cantonese

    1. 的 is possessive and it is needed to make it grammatically correct. However, people tends to drop it when they speak because it has a light sound. -> 中文...

    2. The 那么 sounds a bit strange to me, although I can't tell why.

    I would usually say,
    如果我中文写了, 请你帮忙改正


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    you only need to make a slight change in your original sentence to make it sound natural.

    The original one: 如果我写中文写得错,那么请你改正。
    The natural-sounding one: 如果我写中文写错了,请你帮忙改正。

    Native speakers wouldn't say "写得错", which means the mistake(s) in your Chinese is/are being made(you are now writing while asking for help), which is obviously not the fact. "写错了" means you made
    possible mistakes before asking for help.


    What I write sounds weird.

    I want to say, there are a lot of ways to translate the given sentence.
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