if we are talking about socially

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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Context: and what they knew was a pretty unusual place

White girl student: “My least diverse classes are the upper-level ones. We have a large achievement gap and have a ways to go, but if we are talking about socially, there are divisions, but it does not have a large race correlation. It is more who you have classes with. We have all, like, grown up together. I have known her (pointing to an African girl) since second grade.

I have to admit the bolded part sounds strange to me, sounds like an incomplete sentence.
Does it imply if we are talking about how students communicate, if we are talking about a social aspect?

Thank you.
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    It's not a sentence, it's part of a sentence. The sentence is a transcript of a spoken sentence, which is sort of a stream of thought.
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