if you can't be careful

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We are officially college graduates!...... There's beer in the pool, condoms in the fridge. And if you can't be careful, there's a clinic like three blocks down, they'll do you cheap if you give 'em our promo code.

Afterparty (a PC game)

The person saying this is attending a graduation party.

Does the part in bold mean having sex with abandon?
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    I think there might be a play on the expression, 'if you can't be good, be careful' here.

    That is, 'if you can't behave (i.e. if you insist on having sex with abandon), then (at least) use the condoms' ...

    BUT … 'If you can't (even do that), well, there's a clinic down the road that will look into any condition you might pick up after your activities!'
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