If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk

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    Si volare non potes tum curre, si currere non potes tum gradere, si gradi non potes tum repta, sed quidquid facias... Tibi est pergendum procedere. Una vita.

    If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you may do... You must keep on going forward. One life.

    Just checking if this is correct? This is what i want really You must keep moving forward.

    Thanks in adavance
  2. SunnRise New Member

    are you translating it from Latin into English or the contrary? I can't help with correcting the translation now(if it needs so), but I like what it says :)
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    It is quite correct. Una vita have a kind of carpe diem sense in it, so you could translate it also: "life is one" or "you live only once". But Unum has also the meaning of atomic, indivisible. So una vita could be translated as "you have to live your life completely and accept it all 'till it ends". So "live it all, live it through".

    But your translation is thoroughly correct. Also, you perfectly rendered the sense of "per-gendum" that is not easy in english, using the expression "on" and "going forward" respectively combined.
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  4. samperry New Member

    I am translating from English to Latin

    Appreciate the help

  5. stevelogan Member

    From English to Latin it is a good translation.
    I am not sure that "repta(re)" is the best way to render "to crawl"....may be rèpere, or "in terra movere" or "in terra gràdere"?

    Could make sense to you the following informal translation ?

    Si volare non potes currendum erit, et si currere non potes deambulandum erit, et si deambulare non potes gradiendum erit. Tibi semper pergendum est. Una vita.

    it could be translated in its crasis form nisi, and you can easily use the imperative form to say "then run" (currre!)

    So you could say:

    Nisi volare potes curre, nisi currere (potes) deambula, et nisi deambulare (potes) rèpe, sed quidquid facias tibi semper procedendum est. Una vita est.
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