If you did not eat yesterday's meal I will make a meal for you today


Please tell me is the mentioned conditional tense structure correct or not?
If you didnot eat yesterday's meal I will make a meal for you today.
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    If the speaker is sure that the person didn't eat the meal, then yes, it's correct. It's not a typical conditional sentence, though.


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    Please explain the context - the sentence is grammatically possible but it seems a very unlikely situation


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    It's a grammatically correct sequence of tenses for an open conditional, but I'd echo the two previous answers: I can't readily envisage a scenario in which anyone would say it. :(


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    I think the statement defines the context itself.
    The sentence implies a context but if you don’t explain the context you have in mind using a second description, we can’t know whether the context we infer from the sentence is in fact the one you have in mind. Here is a context which would work :
    John promised 5 people a free meal, and made one yesterday. One of the 5 people now says that he wasn’t hungry yesterday because he hadn’t remembered about the free meal, and that John’s mother ate his meal instead. John now says the sentence. Is your context similar?
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