If you did that you would scream/ would be screaming

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I am wondering which tense is more appropriate in this scenario:

My child is about to touch something.
I want to stop her from actually touching it, because it could hurt her.

Can I say:

Don’t touch it. If you touch it you’ll scream (you will be screaming).

I think will be screaming is more approximate since it emphasizes the continuous nature of it.
If I used “you’ll” scream what would be emphasised?
  • DonnyB

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    I think it sounds a bit of an odd thing to say, but especially with the future continuous tense: I suppose she might let out a sudden scream, but she wouldn't then keep screaming continuously.

    Otherwise I agree with benny: the idiomatic way of saying that is "Don't touch it: you'll hurt yourself".
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