'If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all'

How would you translate this? It's alot more complex than what I'm used to. My guess would be:

'Wenn du hast nichts nett zu sagen, sag nichts!'

But that sounds awkward, and is 'nett' even the right word to use?

I came across this phrase in an X-men comic book. It was in plain English but she said it to Kurt (a German-speaking superhero that I believe comes from Bavaria) and I was wondering how you could say this in German? She asked him 'Verstehen?' right after she said it so I guess she has learned some German from him.
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    Wenn man nichts Nettes zu sagen hat, dann soll man gar nichts sagen.
    Wenn du nichts Nettes zu sagen hast, dann sollst du gar nichts sagen.


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    I would say "sollte/solltest" and not "soll/sollst."

    It's also possible to just use the imperative as in English:

    "Wenn Du nichts Nettes zu sagen hast, sag lieber gar nichts!"

    (It's more idiomatic with "lieber.")
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