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At the end of a letter:

Please consider my letter and if you have any questions or need proof of anything mentioned above, don´t hesitate to ask.

I´ve got most of it, but I have no idea if I should use Beweis or Nachweis. I´m thinking Nachweis, but my instinct says Beweis.

Bitte berücksichtigen Sie meinen Brief und falls Sie Fragen haben sollten bzw. ??weise benötigen für das Obenerwähnte scheuen Sie sich nicht zu fragen.
Some of what is "mentioned above" is documentable (proof of citizenship, of relationship, of hospitalization, etc.), but other things would require more of a character reference or something. I get the impression that the correct word is determined by the type of proof it is furnishing, so hopefully this helps clarify.
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    Hi, meleeri:

    1) "scheuen Sie sich..." is simply not usual in this context. "zögern Sie nicht..." would be closer to the mark, but still unusual. Rather, there are various set expressions for this which entirely omit the concept of "not hesitating": "Falls Sie Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an mich," or similar.
    2) It would be unusual to speak of "Beweis" except in, e.g., criminal matters. Rather, "Nachweis" would be more usual in this context. "Die entsprechenden Unterlagen" would also be possible.

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