if you think about Orcas on a bigger level


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Some girl lies to her friends that she is having some seminar about self development on Orcas Island.
But she come across accidentally one of her friends and justify herself by saying,
"No, I'm not... I'm not on Orcas Island.
But I am on Orcas, if you think about Orcas on a bigger level."
A bit unsure of this kind of English.
Is she maybe saying "I am on Orcas, if you consider Orcas some kind of a symbol or metaphor"?
Forgot to say that she says, "Like symbolically" right after this. So "symbol" is taken.
So "think about something on a bigger level" is the synonym of "symbol" or something more?
Movie Laggies.

Thank you
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    I think you're right, but it sounds a bit odd.

    Orcas Island is not far from here and I've never heard of anything special about it in terms of self-awareness camps, etc. I think it's peculiar to that film.
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