Igne Naturae Renovatur Integra

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  1. I´ve read some article about the inscription "INRI", and immediately ask myself
    what represents each letter because i knew it was an abbreviation of some sentence : IGNE NATURAE RENOVATUR INTEGRA". Please, suggestions will be appreciated.
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  3. Se Aprecia Tu correspondencia "Probo"
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    Are you also wondering about the translation of the title sentence? In the Wiki article on INRI, I find:

    Within the Alchemical tradition, the phrase [INRI] often holds a second meaning of the Latin phrase, Igne Natura Renovatur Integra; that is, "Through fire nature is reborn whole".​
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    I am not sure where it originates in. The first place I have seen it used was in the the Japanese graphic novel "Trinity Blood".
    The translation for "Igne Natura Renovatur Integra" is " By Flames Shall The Earth Be Reborn." I don't know where or if that is related or not.
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    The "shall" in your translation is a bit liberal, I think. "Renovatur" is present tense, not future, and means "is reborn." I believe the sentence is just making a general statement: By flames/fire is nature/earth reborn whole. The sense, I suppose, is that nature/our world/earth is reborn in full only after being destroyed.

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