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  1. Sowka

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    Hi :) As far as I know, someone who is being ignored will not get any information on this fact. They will perceive everything as if they were not ignored.
  2. karlalou Banned

    How do you think the idea of the function that works the other way around?
    What have we been waiting for?

    The current ignore function is useless when the person you want to ignore is mainly an answerer.

    Now I'm wanting the 'refuse' function for the time when I need to create a thread. It's much nicer than directly ask the foreros to ignore me, and I can make sure of it. I mean it makes the person I put in my ignore list unable to see my thread, as well as my posts.

    I see that no moderator has answered Aserolf. Is it better to start a new thread for this?
  3. siares

    siares Senior Member

    Quite a few CS old treads go unanswered.
    If I understand correctly what you would like, hide your threads from some answerers, then that's probably not possible because the threads are not our property, but Mike's, and open to anyone to see / contribute.

    What is the problem with ignoring answerers? Is it because if someone you ignore answers your thread, you cannot see the answers, but to others the thread appears answered so others don't participate?
  4. karlalou Banned

    Good point, siares! Thank you. :)

    I was worrying that I won't be able to participate in my own thread because that happened before. That was not my thread and I was one of the answerers but there were someone I was ignoring at that time that I misunderstood what other answerer was saying. When you ignore someone, the person's posts don't show up any trace at all, completely nothing.
  5. siares

    siares Senior Member

    The misunderstandings of what others are saying seem inevitable, I haven't tried it out but others have written about it before:
    Ignored user threads causing confusion
    All in all, it doesn't look like a very useful function to me.
  6. sound shift

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    "Ignore list?" I was only vaguely aware that one was available. I've never used it. It's just words on a screen. Sticks and stones, etc.
  7. DonnyB

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    I've never used the "ignore list" and have no intention of doing so in the future. It seems to me a totally unnecessary substitute for basic self-control. If anyone wants to "ignore" me, I don't mind not knowing who they are: after all, it's their loss, not mine. :)

    There are a few people on here that I find a bit irritatingly full of themselves, but they're a tiny minority and that happens everywhere including in real life. You just find a way of dealing with it.
  8. velisarius

    velisarius Senior Member

    British English (Sussex)
    I find the feature invaluable. I'm not very good at remembering usernames, so it enables me to eliminate proven sources of annoyance or frustration. I'm sure the "ignored" (they are legion:eek:) benefit from my willed ignorance of what they're up too as well. ;)

    [Edit; I've just read TimLA's post #22 in this thread. RIP, Tim -- that was another great post of yours I'd missed.]
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  9. karlalou Banned

    Who needs the protection? is the question you should be asking.
    Majorities are already protected enough (seems to me more than enough), aren't they?

    Yes, it's meaningless unless otherwise making it works the other way around, to protect question makers. For them to have the right to refuse when they need.
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  10. siares

    siares Senior Member

    velisarius, you and TimLa put questioners on the list, right? Or did you put some answerers from Greek or other forums on the list?

    Putting questioners on a list is completely different, technically, to putting answerers on a list. Ignored person cannot answer your threads if you don't post any.
    Karlalou, you are starting to worry me. If you need protection from somebody, could you PM them to ask them not to answer your threads? Or ask a mod?
    I get it is 'nicer' not to ask people directly to answer your threads, but if your feeling is that of timidity towards them, or even fear (rather than just annoyance), that is very unpleasant.

    I cannot relate fully, only partially; I used to like reading posts of a now inactive poster but then once I saw him very efficiently bully someone much less clever than him and since then I dislike seeing his name in old threads. Maybe I overreacted and he was just having a bad day then etc. (or I when I was reading the post) but it is hard to forget.
  11. karlalou Banned

    Siares, it's more the precaution, but it's not necessarily about me, but I can see that there should be students or anyone feeling suppressed or offended here and there without knowing what to do about it.
  12. velisarius

    velisarius Senior Member

    British English (Sussex)
    I don't divide members into questioners and "answerers", siares. A lot of members are both. Some of the people on my list seem like very nice people, but their excessively combative style or persistence tends to wear me down. I don't need that type of agita - I get enough of that at home;). Some of them bring out the worst in me:eek:, so ignoring them is a good idea for all concerned.

    I do sometimes reinstate someone who asks or answers interesting questions, but I usually end up regretting it.

    Anyone who seems to be bullying or very unpleasant towards you or another member needs to be reported to the mods, karlalou. The forum should be a pleasant and welcoming place to be. Even otherwise pleasant, intelligent people forget about that, in their eagerness to show off their knowledge or prove other people wrong. Sometimes they just need reminding.
  13. DonnyB

    DonnyB Senior Member

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    I totally agree. :)

    I for one would be very happy to see the mods taking a much tougher line over Rule 7:
    Be helpful and polite.
    If someone's Spanish, English, (or other language) isn't perfect, don't treat him/her badly.
    The use of "Hello", “Hi” and "Thank you" is always welcome.
    Treat others in the way that you wish to be treated.

    All too often, it's the tone of the post which is so unpleasant, more so than the relevance of the content to the topic question.
  14. siares

    siares Senior Member

    I'm glad there is not a serious problem!
    As for precaution; questioners can't do anything but report. 'Ignoring' is a luxury for those who don't need their threads answered; or understand the answers they get.
    Reporting usually gets no feedback so it doesn't help if someone is upset, hmmm

    As a moderator, how would you have dealt with a bump request from a thread starter whose question has been exhaustively answered but he cannot see it because he ignores the answerer?
    If somebody ignores legion of members AND posts threads, it is bound to happen.;)
  15. velisarius

    velisarius Senior Member

    British English (Sussex)
    As you know, siares, I'm not a moderator. I do know that reports of bullying and nastiness are taken very seriously by the mods. The worst offenders will sooner or later get themselves banned, if they persist, but the aim is for everyone to make an effort to get along, just as in real life. A lot goes on behind the scenes, so members may get the (mistaken) idea that nothing is being done to redress the situation.

    Anyway, it's not all down to the mods: together we can all help to raise the friendly tone of the forum by being friendly ourselves. New members take their lead from how they see the rest of us behaving. It's worth running a self-check every now and again. Sometimes I'm horrified when I look at old threads I'm in and see myself being snide or sarcastic -- or worse. (That's what I mean about preferring to ignore those who bring out the worst in me).

    I've seen lots of bump requests, and I sometimes report them. People who bump their threads are not very considerate of others, but sometimes newcomers to WR aren't used to our ways.

    As an ordinary senior member, if I saw a question that had been well answered and the OP was nevertheless bumping the thread, I'd post there and point out that the question has already been answered. I suppose I'd assume that the OP hadn't understood the explanation. (I can't recall having seen anything like your scenario, siares: the vast majority of bumps are for unanswered questions).

    If you want to bump your thread, the legitimate way to do it is by offering more/better context, rephrasing the question, clarifying what you really want to know, etc. No answers usually means that there's something wrong with the question, and/or your thread has drifted away from the original topic.
  16. karlalou Banned

    To me, it's the moderators that are creating the samples what to do and overprotecting their side of people for their own sake. Reporting won't help at all.

    No, it's more like they are enforcing an ill-fed-idea than creating the samples what to do.
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  17. siares

    siares Senior Member

    Thanks for the answer, velisarius.
    I see there are more topics there, I'll just stick with usefulness or not of Ignore feature
    That must be because so few people use the ignore list; and I bet all of them are people who don't post threads and so don't require answers.
    Not all upsetting posts are measurably nasty or bullying though. You wouldn't report all the posts you can't see due to ignoring??

    Do you have a favourite mod whom you could PM?
  18. Paulfromitaly

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    Dear Karlalou,

    This thread was started a while ago to help people who wanted to discuss how to ignore someone else's posts.
    It's been suggested how to do so and how to report posts or threads that users find inappropriate or against the WR rules.
    This is not the right thread to discuss the WR moderation policy. If you wish to make any general suggestions, please open a new thread.
    Let me remind you that:

    If you wish to discuss specific moderation actions please do it in private and contact the mod who took action or make a report and we will take care of it.
    Please do not discuss specific moderation actions in the forums.

    Thank you
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