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    This sentence showed up in the test, 'Los beneficios de la empresa son ____ buenos que los del año pasado´; the given answer was 'muy' but I wrote 'igual de'.

    My Spanish textbook says to express equality 'igual de + adjective/adverb + que' I can't find any examples online though. So, i am wondering if it is correct way to use it.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum, Ouixiami.

    Igual de buenos que los del año pasado (= tan buenos como los del año pasado) is fine and the correct answer.

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    Hi Ouixiami!

    Yes, as you can see from blasita's message it's a correct structure so I was surprised to read you couldn't find any examples online. I had a look on Google and found thousands of examples. Here's a link, in case you would like to have a look:


    and you will find many more is you use other adjectives or adverbs: igual+de+cara+que, igual+de+mal+que, igual+de+sorprendente+que, etc,etc...


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