Ihnen ( contracted form ? )


I would like to ask if there is a contracted form of "Ihnen". I am studying German and in one of the hearing exercises a man is calling to complain about the delivery of the wrong item and the call center woman try to assure him that she would take care of it personally so the sentence would be : " ich verspreche Ihnen, ich werde mich sofort persönlich darum kümmern".
However I keep hearing something like Ihn instead of Ihnen.
Thank you everyone for your help in advance.
  • Kajjo

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    It is normal to contract end syllables on -en to syllabic n̩. This is also true for "ihnen".

    ihnen [ˈiːnən] or in fast speech [ˈiːnn̩]

    Natives speakers hear a difference between [ˈiːnn̩] (ihnen) and [ˈiːn̩] (ihn).

    Compare with words like "greifen" which is in standard pronunciation [ˈɡʁaɪ̯fn̩] and not [ˈɡʁaɪ̯.f̩ən]. The latter extended form is only used in over-enunciated speech situations.