Ik ben erg blij het met cadeau


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I've encountered this sentence in an exercise, but I don't get the order of het and met.

Is this sentence even possible? Shouldn't it be blij met het cadeau (happy with the gift)?
  • Alisson Pereira

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    Portuguese - Brazil
    So, we can say in the original sentence, the person is not 'so happy' with the gift, can't we?? I mean the gift is just another one.

    Alisson Pereira

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    Portuguese - Brazil
    That's a problem!
    Of course my interpretation was based on your answer (If you want to emphasize the gift). In my mind if a person gives you a gift, I think, you won't say: ''Ik ben verdrietig met het cadeau", but ''Ik ben blij..'' (just for education. You know what I mean). However if you say ''met het cadeau ben ik blij'', that's really mean that.

    I'm sorry, just interpretation.


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    There's zero ground for all that. Especially without any context.
    What you place in the beginning of a sentence (emphasizing it), doesn't reverse the meaning.