ik heb je lief & ik hou van jou

Discussion in 'Nederlands (Dutch)' started by kindlychung, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. kindlychung Member

    Is there a difference between ik heb je lief and ik hou van jou?
  2. AllesKanBeter New Member

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    Hallo Kindlychung,

    Semantically I don't think there's a difference. To me ik heb je lief is more poetic, I would never use it in real life. I've also never heard anyone say it (to my recollection). Ik hou van jou is the most normal or common phrase to use in everyday life. Hope that helps!


  3. kindlychung Member

    You are very helpful, thanks!
  4. TvdrA New Member

    "ik heb je lief" is used in the south and is more common in Flemish.
  5. Peterdg

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    Nooooooooooo:eek:! It's like AllesKanBeter says; it sounds more poetic. In Flanders, you'd rather hear: "Ik zie u graag" (and "u" is not a courtesy form but just the common DO pronoun for "gij" in Belgian Dutch).

    "Ik heb je lief" appears multiple times in the beautiful ballad "Pastorale" of Ramses Shaffy and Liesbet List.
  6. TvdrA New Member

    Flemish sounds more poetic ;-). Although I rarely hear people saying "ik heb je lief", I think you're right.

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