I know "ikot" means to go around something but i asked someone if i could use ikot like

"Umikot tayo" or "Pwede tayo umiikot?" or would it be "Magikot tayo" or "Pwede tayo magikot?" as in being in a new place and wanting to go around see things, and they said to use "Maglalakad lang tayo". Would "ikot" be okay here?

Also to provide more context i saw a post on Facebook that says:

"Nagikot sa University Belt ang Aksyon Kabataan upang alamin ang hashtags at mensahe ng kabataang Pinoy para kay PCOO Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson."

so im guessing its okay to use?
  • claytonchmiel

    English - Texas/California
    In my (somewhat limited) experience, "ikot" is more literally "going around", like you're going in a circle, with the idea that you'll get back to where you started. "Lakad" is used fairly colloquially (at least in Manila) for "going out", like going around with a destination or some destinations in mind.