Il aime le faire savoir


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I was watching on a french tv , and one of the characters said talking about his curious cousin : "il aime le faire savoir".
i did understand that it means that his cousin loves to know, but i didn't quite get how is this sentence formed? Is their a noun as "un faire savoir" (im more familiar with "savoir faire" which has a totally different meaning).
and if i haven't mistaken wouldn't " il aime se faire savoir" be more correct?
Or is it that i must have not heard the sentence correctly?
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    Welcome to the WR Forum, Alijaaphar!

    Faire savoir is not a noun here; it is a compound verb - faire savoir = make know (tell or inform).

    Il aime le faire savoir means He loves letting (other people) know about it. Without knowing too much more, it seems the comment suggests the cousin is boastful.


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    Thank you so much wildan1. Now the sentence makes perfect sense since the cousin was indeed boastful.
    Much appreciated ^^
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