Il carcere vs. Le carceri

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    Ciao a tuuti

    I have found out, please correct me if I am wrong
    The prison = il carcere singular and masculine
    The prisons = Le carceri plural and female

    Is there any sense in this?
    Is this the only case?
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    "Il dito" -- "le dita" . Don't ask me "why?". Ciao.
  3. Pat (√2)

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    Non è il solo caso di singolare maschile e plurale femminile. Ci sono anche casi di doppio plurale (maschile+femminile) :)
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    EDIT: a list of masculine nouns that change the gender to feminine in plural can be found here:

    It's not complete (il carcere/le carceri is missing, for example), but it's a start.
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    Thanks to all

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