Il est généreux et créatif.

Ti Bateau

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I've previously posted a question regarding this word, which I believe is rather a false friend.
The current context is a restaurant chef:
Il est généreux et créatif

Am I right in thinking that words such as, 'enthusiastic, ebullient, effusive, exuberant', give the appropriate meaning rather than 'generous'?
Regarding further context, I don't know anything else about the chef other than he is environmentally aware and health conscious.
Merci d'avance.
  • Michelvar

    French / France

    We can not be sure, he could also be generous, but if you have no further context, your understanding is likely, "généreux" = "enthusiastic, ebullient, effusive, exuberant".

    "Généreux" could also mean "he puts a lot of work and love and time in his cooking", so he gives a lot of himself to his art.

    Ti Bateau

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    Yes, Michelvar, I interpreted it as meaning that he is enthusiastic about his work & dedicates a lot of time and effort to this passion.
    Thank you for your help.
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