Il fait un temps de chien

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  1. Eli* Senior Member

    Salamanca, Spain
    Ireland - English
    Il fait un temps de chien
    does this mean that the weather is horrible?
    does anybody know an english equivalent?
  2. dave73 Member

    Philadelphia, Pa, USA
    French - Belgium
    yes, horrible weather.
  3. Bridge123 New Member


    Can anyone help me to understand what the phrases 'faire un temps de chien' means?

    Found in the following sentence .....

    Nous nous serions amusés, s’il n’avait pas fait un temps de chien.

    We would have enjoyed ourselves if ....?

  4. Lacuzon

    Lacuzon Senior Member

    French - France

    Un temps de chien is a rotten weather.
  5. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    "foul weather"

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