Il faut espérer que ça aille mieux bientôt


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Could someone help me decode this sentence please? I am translating each word, but together it sounds weird:

Il faut espérer que ça aille mieux bientôt mais c'est impossible avant que chacun y mette du sien.

It is necessary to hope that this goes better quickly, but it is impossible before each puts its in?
  • DaiSmallcoal

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    aille - subjunctive of "aller" after espérer ?

    chacun y mette du sien = everyone works/ contributes / does their bit ?

    (think of "throws their lot in " ?)


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    Il faut doesn't really says a necessity here. Il faut espérer que is equivalent to Espérons que, thus I'd rather translate it in Let's hope that...
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